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The Battle of Stalingrad - Commanders at war

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Commanders at War is a TV show on the Military Channel, first aired in 2009. It highlights specific battles or skirmishes, where one commander is pitted against another. Using computer-generated imagery, many scenes are illustrated using cardboard-cutout-like figures to represent soldiers and equipment. Key battle decisions are examined, in order to explain the overall outcome of the battle.

"The Battle of Stalingrad" : With the city that bears the name of nemesis, Joseph Stalin, in his sights, Hitler sent Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus to crush the city of Stalingrad. What he did not expect was the ferocious resistance offered by Lieutenant General Vasily Chuikov. What was supposed to be a battle lasting only a few weeks dragged to become one of the bloodiest battles in history.

Thanks to oded bernstein channel on YouTube for sharing it.






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