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Women building the B-24

Documentary by the Ford Motor Company about women working in tradionally 'male roles' . The film shows many different factory and industry jobs filled by woman, in particular it concentrates on scenes of the Willow Run Consolidated B-24 Liberator aircraft production plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Thanks to wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage for sharing this video.



Building the B-24

Produced by the Ford Motor Company during WWII, and narrated by  Harry Wismer, "The Story of Willow Run" explains the company's role in producing the Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber. 

Thanks to PeriscopeFilm channel on YouTube for this great video.



B-24 Liberators Over Europe

A film produced by the Eighth Air Force from combat camera footage, showing B-24s in action over Europe. From Ploesti to Berlin, you'll discover memorable Liberator scenes not found anywhere else, including pulse pounding air attacks.

Thanks to ZenosWarbirds channel on YouTube for this great video.




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