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US G.I. with captured King Tiger and...


American newsreel, showing US troops near Duren in Germany, engaged in comtat and then examining...

Duration (min.): 3
Inside an U-Boat


Real images filmed inside a surived U-Boat, showing how the space was arranged...

Duration (min.): 1
The Battleship Missouri


A profile of the Battleship Missouri and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

Duration (min.): 5
Deutscher Tiger Panzer


I am not German speaking, so i cannot comment on the audio, but i found on this doc some footage...

Duration (min.): 43
Inside a M4 Sherman moving


Curious about how it was inside a Sherman moving on the terrain? Look at this video...

Duration (min.): 2
Tiger I Firing 88mm Gun


Some clips of the German Heavy Panzerkampfwagen Tiger I firing its powerful 88 mm.

Duration (min.): 2
Der Tiger Panzer


A nice documentary about the Tiger, with German audio.

Duration (min.): 54
Battleships History


A very complete documentary, in colour, about the battleships history.

Duration (min.): 98
Weird Weapons: the Allies

A documentary about the most original, unthinkable and weird weapons studied by the Allies...

Duration (min.): 45
Panzer IV Heavy Tank - German War Files

The definition "heavy tank" is in the original title of this documentary from the series German...

Duration (min.): 57
P-51 Mustang - Great Planes

Probably the greatest of the Allies fighters, and for sure the one that make possible the...

Duration (min.): 58
Tigers in the Desert - Tanks! Evolution...

From the series Tanks!

Duration (min.): 52


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